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Have you ever dreamed of flying but thought it was:

Too expensive

Too complicated

Too risky

Too difficult to learn?

Well, think again.  Powered Parachuting may be for you!


This could be YOU ! !


Powered Parachuting is turning out to be one of the most affordable, simple, safe and easy ways to get in the air! 

An introductory flight can give you the the thrill of flying "low and slow" over the landscape as well as the feeling of soaring with the birds. 

Most students can solo after just a few hours of instruction - even with no previous flying experience.


To find out how you can see and feel this great new sense of freedom for yourself, give us a call or send an email as shown below.

You have to experience this to believe it!

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Kent Price 

FAA certificated commercial pilot (including Multi-Engine and Instrument) and flight instructor for over 50 years.  

Flying Ultralights since 1982

Registered as an Ultralight Flight Instructor with the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association). 

FAA instructor rating includes training for the new "Sport Pilot" certificate in both fixed wing and powered parachute aircraft.



Note:  Some Powered Parachutes qualify as "Ultralight Vehicles" and can be flown with no license.  

Most require at least a Student Pilot Certificate to solo and at least a Sport Pilot certificate to carry a passenger.  


The Bucket list

Bob and Jerry created a "Bucket List" of things they wanted to do before "kicking the bucket."  One of the things they included was to solo a powered parachute.  Click here to see the KSL-TV report on their experience:



Now what?

Please give us a call with any questions you may have or to schedule an introductory flight ($70.00).

(Note: Additional persons at same time are 1/2 price)

If you think you might want to go beyond an introductory flight, click here to view or print a brief description of the steps leading to a Sport Pilot license with a Powered Parachute rating:



More information

Here are links to a couple of other sites with information about this exciting new sport:



The second one has a listing of current PPCs for sale.  Go to:


Here's a link to one of many YouTube videos about Powered Parachuting:




We welcome your questions or comments.  Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or mail.

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